About This Blog

One of the things I am really good at is avoidance. I avoid conflict. I avoid pain. I avoid failure by not attempting things (unfortunately, thereby ruling out success).

One form of avoidance I am particularly good at is procrastination. My trick to successful procrastination is to fill my time with other things, often things I am doing for someone else. This works really well for me. Not only do I truly love helping others, I’ve learned that it is a rare individual who will call me out about getting stuff done if what I did instead was bake brownies I intend to share.

I didn’t use to be like this. Or in spite of being like this, I managed to face my fears head-on. While in college I spent a semester on a program in which I was on a 125′ schooner for 6 weeks, the first 21 days sailing so far offshore we were out of the sight of land! Previous boating experience: rafting on a few miles of the Delaware River. My first real job had me driving in cities with which I was unfamiliar and speaking in front of large groups (two of my biggest fears!). Heck, becoming a mother was something I chose to do even though it was something which terrified me (did you know that they send you home from the hospital without the call button?).

But somewhere along the line I started to defer the choices which had me face my fears. I have written books, but never submitted them. I have had ideas for products and not pursued them. I have had inspiration for artworks yet have never gotten beyond purchasing the supplies.

So this year I am going to procrastinate about procrastinating. I am going to put off procrastinating (at least for now) and I am going to face my fear of failure. It is time to recognize that not pursuing my passions due to fear is the biggest form of failure of all.

It is here that I plan to record and share my experiences facing my fears, avoiding avoidance and taking on the tasks which will lead me to my passions. Join me if you wish, help me if you can, but please, at least stay out of my way!