Don’t Judge A Book by its Cover


An old adage, but how does it apply to the current trend of eReaders? 

When I go into someone’s home I look around at what is on display. It is a great way to get to know something about who lives there. I love getting to see people’s photos. I enjoy hearing the stories associated with the artwork and trophies. But I am always surprised when I find there are few books in view (so different from my own home where the books are overwhelming in number and the primary display.) I used to assume that this meant my host was not much of a reader. However, now that so many people have eReaders, I no longer make that assumption. It may well be that my host is an avid reader who has chosen electronic media instead of print. 

While I have not given up books – I am far too fond of the feel of a book in my hands and the sound of turning pages – I do have an eReader. I particularly enjoy using it when I travel. It is a great way to take a large selection of books with me without taking up lots of room or adding excessive weight to my bags. I also enjoy using it when I am waiting while I chauffeur the kids from one activity to another.

But I worry. If someone were to pick up my Kindle and try to learn about me I am fearful what she might glean from the list of titles found there. There are mysteries and detective stories, cookbooks, guides to how to organize my home and family, tips on writing and some young adult fiction. All types are books I tend to be interested in reading. But my eReader is filled with books which have something in common other than a blurb which piqued my interest. In fact, the greatest commonality among them is that of the 118 books I currently have on my kindle, all but one was free.  

Perhaps the most accurate thing one can learn about me from my Kindle is that I am cheap. 

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